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RPGHost Game Sites

OpenRPG.com: OpenRPG is an Internet application that allows people to play Role Playing Games in real-time over the Internet. OpenRPG is free, open source, software, distributed under GNU/GPL license.

I site with links to great online web browser games. Most personally tested and approved by us!

RPGRegistry.com: is a database system designed to help you find other players, games, and special events in your area or using the online game tool of your choice. Over 2000 registered games and 16000 players and GMs. Let us handle your game scheduling...

PlayTesters.Net: Interested in testing a new game? Visit this site and register to play test.

CyberCon: is the premiere online role-playing convention! A weekend of gaming, tournaments, guest speakers, seminars, art show, auction, prizes, and more!

RPG Host is your one-stop-shop for all things role-playing. You can easily find any game you want, tips and advice, free downloads, surveys, and even a social area to share your RPG experience and meet other people just like you. Whether you need to check out the latest News or delve into the Archives or the Resources section, feel free to check us out. Find out what the RPG community is up to and add your two cents on the Social Site. And if you're bored, check out our selection of "Time Wasters" - games that will keep you busy for hours.

Other Affiliate Game Sites

War of Wizards
Call of the Warlord
QM Promisance
Astonia MMORPG
Duel Field
Gaming Table Online

Recommended Time Wasters

Maganic Wars

Final Defense

Gold Well

Sword Tournament

Pepsi Flipper



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