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Years ago a small publishing group, called Ianus Games, produced a game supplement which kick started my Mekton II campaign.  It was called Jovian Chronicles.  It featured a rich story matched with some awesome anime style art.  Now a days the same group goes by the name Dream Pod 9, or DP9, and consistently produces work heads and shoulders above the standards of most other game companies.  I really fell in love with their games.

Now, we all enjoy the games we play, else we wouldn't play them, but sometimes we don't agree with the rules.  More and more companies remind us that if we don't like a rule ignore it and play on.  Some rules are hard to ignore, especially if they involve a central part of the game.  These are some of the rules that my gaming groups and I have worked on.  Also, let me mention Alex "Ironsides" Rhodes who wrote out the Tactical Initiative Rules for me and included them in the Gear Krieg Companion.  The line of sight rules from the Tactical Rules can be found printed in the Gear Krieg Rulebook.

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